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The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful.  Edit inspired by Ansel Adams.

Portrait of WWII Pilot Louis Breckenridge with the Tri-State Warbird Museum's famous B-25, Axis Nightmare.

This week's veteran was Louis Breckenridge, a World War Two B25 pilot who flew 68 combat missions in the European Theater out of Corsica and Falconara, Italy.  His missions mostly consisted of bombing train tunnel entrances, assembly areas, resupply depots and troop movements in the Brenner Pass, on the border of Italy and Austria.

World War Two Veterans Project - They Gave It All


B-24 Bombardier-Navigator, Charles Gribi, who flew 31 dangerous missions over Germany bombing railway stations, ball bearing plants, tank factories and troop emplacements.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with this gentleman and hear his incredible story.

World War Two Veterans Project - They Gave It All

Today the TGIA (They Gave It All) crew enjoyed an afternoon with World War Two Flight Officer and B-29 Radar Operator, Charlie Nau. Charlie was training for the possible invasion of Japan that thankfully never happened thanks to the atomic bombs. Though extremely destructive, those bombs saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Charlie recalled his training experience from 1942-1945 in great detail and we can't wait to share it with you.

World War Two Veterans Project

This is the beginning of my World War Two Veterans project.  A generation that I hold very dear to my heart.  This project is going to be in partnership with the Tristate Warbird Museum and other local World War Two museums throughout Ohio.

This is Don Fairbanks, a World War Two Veteran who served as a tail gunner with the "Carpetbaggers" in the Mighty 8th AirForce over France and Belgium in a consolidated B-24 Liberator, flying 30 all night missions, dropping supplies to the underground resistance. He wrote the book Once Around The Patch, Of Life and in 2013 was awarded France's highest honor, the French Legion of Honor Medal. This medal was originally given only to French Nationals, but recently WW2 veterans have been recognized and awarded this honor for their participation in helping to liberate France! He is now known as a Knight of the French Legion of Honor.


Modern Veteran Series pt1 ///


The Cincinnatian

The doorman Andrew at the Cincinnatian Hotel (opened in 1882).  This is the beginning of a personal series I'm going to work on in the next few months mixing my love for Cincinnati history, architecture and using portraiture to tell someone's story by finding people who have helped make this city what it is today...

Folk Musician Ben Bedford

Article mens wear.  OTR /// Cincinnati.