Happy 4th of July!

From myself and the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) chapter of the Porsche Club of America! 


As the bombs, or fireworks rather, begin bursting in the air, we gather with our family and friends and remind ourselves how lucky we really are to live in such a great nation.  Yesterday a few of us, including the OVR Vice President Grant Karnes and his wife, along with our friend Mac Matsuzaka gathered to try and capture something patriotic and worthy enough for Porsche enthusiasts to enjoy on this great day.  We had a little think-tank/brainstorm session at Grants house to cook up a plan and decided to rallye down Columbia Parkway!  I don't think the capture could have been anymore perfect.  A beautiful touch of newschool and oldschool German engineering charging down the expressway like the Patriots did toward the British lines with nothing but freedom in mind. After flipping through my exposures,  the evening light in this photograph couldn't have been better.  The overcast light diffused perfectly across the red paint of Grant's Cayman S and Mac's 930 Turbo and produced the perfect situation for a slow shutter drag, giving a strong sense of motion across the entire frame.  At a "conservative" speed, we also were able to capture some beautiful movement with the American flag.

My inspiration for this image goes back a few years to a 60 second spot that Fox Soccer put on titled the "Fox Soccer Anthem" and fans of the English Premier League from all over the world were captured holding the flags of their 

favorite premier team.  A few clips from the Anthem has a couple in a Lambourghini and on a moped driving with the flags waving alongside them.  And for the past two years I've been itching to make the exact image we captured last night happen!  

Below the photograph I shot is the video that was released in 2011 where I found my inspiration!