New Years Day

A wonderful little shoot I had with a friend and his fiancé last month.  I'm really happy with how this turned out.



Studio time with Mr. Bretterson!




A little portrait shoot at the studio yesterday, here is one of the selects !

Beetle Love.

Last year I was lucky enough to photograph this fully bare metal 1966 Volkswagen Beetle owned by a guy I met at a car show in Holland, Michigan.  But that's all that really needs to be said. Enjoy!


Lighting for beauty shots

In this video Karl Taylor tests and compares some of his favourite lighting modifiers for fashion and beauty photography.

He does a side by side comparison and shows you all the results in detail and explains some of the pros and cons of each type of light.

Master of the keys

Jeong-In Kim is not only a great person, but also a master of the piano.  As the DMA of Piano Performance at the University of Cincinnati, her skills are taught and shared with many.  My shoot with her was in Werner Hall of CCM on the UC campus.


Lookin a little GQ


Studio work. Having fun!

Can't wait to get more business portraits & regular portraits into the new studio space!



1st Studio Shoot

Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce that I have my own studio space! I'm very excited for what 2014 has to offer through the space, new clients and traveling.  I can't wait for this year to unfold, so stay tuned!!

Here is the first shoot I had this morning at the studio; a business portrait with a friend of mine that I've known for years who is a Brand Marketer for Marsh Branding Partners in Cincinnati, Ohio.




Finally some fresh powder.

So I've decided to finally swing back to my roots of shooting people and extreme sports. Today I got a text from my good friend Jamie of Matic Media asking if I wanted to shoot some snowboarding with his friend's Ryan Walter and Graeme Burress.  Graeme is a professional wakeboarder who rides for Hyperlite and has appeared on Wakeboarding Magazine's cover.  We were able to get a view really nice shots before our gear started icing up from the freezing fog that was moving in.  Pretty much loving life right now. Enjoy!




Nick Yust

Had another shoot tonight with fine metal art designer Nicholas Yust.  Here is my favorite piece from the shoot! These modern clocks are so rad!




A little Rossion love

To those who don't know, the Rossion is the American version of the British Noble super car.  The parts are made in South Africa and then shipped to Florida for Assembly!  Here are two creative lighting shots I did with a client of mine on Friday evening at the garage where he keeps it!  Talk about a fun car to light.  The lines are beautiful and aggressive. 



Creative Film Inspired work...

On Monday I along with my friend Nick and three other friends headed down to Sawyer Pointe in Cincinnati to photograph a "Fifth of November" and Film Noir Inspired set.  Here is what we had as a result! 



Businessmen V

Businessmen V

Film Noir Inspired

Film Noir Inspired

Volkswagen 20th Anniversary.

So I'm not one to post my own car on my website, but last week I was downtown meeting with a client and as I was on my way home the sun was perfect.  The golden hour had just begun and I also had just had my air ride suspension put on!