Week day eats. May start a series...



Derick from D2Ind doing an amazing vinyl wrap on my Volkswagen GTI in Red Pearl from Arlon Graphics.



Porsche RS 4.0 and a 600HP GT2RS at Lunken Airport this past Saturday evening!

Oh yes. There isn't anything to say. JUST WATCH.


2014 Porsche 991 RSR LeMans race car, straight from Germany introduced to the US in Cincinnati, at the Concours D'Elegance.


The 2014 991 Porsche RSR that just finished time trials at LeMans, seeing its first light in the states here at the Concours D'Elegance in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I was honored enough to be one of the first to see it and photograph it here and sit in and steer it onto the trailer at the end of the day.  I'm very happy with this shot.

Mark's 993 Turbo

Today was absolutely beautiful, so I headed downtown to shoot with Mark and his 993 Turbo that he just sold to get some final photographs for himself and the Porsche Club before he delivers it to the new owner this coming Wednesday.  "It's always hard to part with these cars.  It's hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean."  I feel like this is how every automotive enthusiast feels when it comes time to have to sell a car they've fallen in love with.  And I'm sure we can all agree.  


Here's an untouched/unedited shot from the shoot.  I was too excited to worry about editing (minus the watermark) and decided after that it didn't need to be touched!!

A little bit of fashion...


Last night I had a fashion shoot with my good friend/photographer Logan Delape, who is also a photographer!  I'm pretty excited with how they turned out!



A friend back from Afghanistan

My friend Jeff toured in Afghanistan with an Army Engineering Unit a little over a year ago.  So glad he's back safe.  This is a continuance of my tattoo portrait series.